PlayPoint for Table Tennis Players.

Are you tired of turning up to a Tennis Club’s social, practise or competitive sessions to find you have been paired up with someone of greatly differing skill level? Have you had to wait around for a court to become free so that you can play? PlayPoint is here to help.

PlayPoint has developed a series of complex algorithms that ensure you get to play when you want and against someone of similar skill level. It uses, and automatically maintains a ladder system that can be embedded into the Tennis Club’s website. Alternatively, you can view the ladders on the PlayPoint website.

When you sign up to join a PlayPoint competition you do not need to commit to play every week. With a few button clicks each week you register your interest. You get extra options like time of play preferences, whether you want to play singles, doubles, mixed doubles etc or all of the above. It looks back to see who you have played recently and tries to match you up with different players. It then runs its multiple algorithms to create, publish and distribute the best possible draw for that week's tennis session. After you have played your games you enter the results into PlayPoint and it updates the ladders.