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About PlayPoint.

Does your club struggle to keep social tennis nights going? Do you find that at the start of the season you have lots of players turning up but after a few weeks the numbers started to dwindle? Playpoint was created to fix this and to get more players back and enjoying their sports again.

Playpoint contains complex algorithms that find players the best possible match for them and then adjust the player's score depending on the winner of the match. Each week your users register for your competition and select their games and time preferences. At the end of registration this algorithm then runs and using the player's preferences it creates the best possible set of matches for the week. This keeps the players engaged in the sport and creates a friendly amount of competition in your club.

PlayPoint has developed a complex scoring system, when a user registers they can either enter their NZ configure ranking or if they don’t have one watch our videos and select a ranking which best represents their ability, their score is then converted into our scoring system. At the end of each match, the users are asked to enter their score, and depending on how close the player's abilities are their score is adjusted accordingly. Players can then visit to see how their score has been changed and their ladder ranking. All these score changes are kept allowing clubs to pull stats out at the end of the year and create fun awards at club prize giving. E.g. ‘Most improved doubles player’, ‘biggest ladder jumper’

Playpoint was developed working with players and clubs to ensure all their needs were being met. After a year of testing and tweaking the algorithm to ensure the best possible result, we are ready to go live and share this experience with other clubs.

How PlayPoint Works.


Create a club

Visit and create your club for free. Add your courts and choose which ladders you would like to use.


Accept and organise members

With a simple click of a button, you can accept users into your club and drag them into the ladders of their choice.


Create a Competition

Once you have your club signed up create your competition. PlayPoints competition form is simple to use and allows you to create the competition exactly as you want it. Once you have created the competition sit back and relax while PlayPoint algorithms take care of all the hard work.


Promote Competition

PlayPoint has created tools for you to easily promote your competition. To integrate into your website simply copy the iframe code provided and send it to your web developer, or download flyers from your dashboard and post them to your social media and hang them around town.

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Players Free

It's completely free to join PlayPoint as a player. Being a PlayPoint member gives players the ability to join and play in competitions nearby. Clubs can set entry fees for a user to play in their competition. This fee and vary for members of your club and visitors to your club.

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Clubs Free

Clubs can sign up for PlayPoint for free. the free PlayPoint allows clubs. This allows you to accept and organise players into your ladders. This also gives you access to iframe which can be added to your website.

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Competitions $7.50 / week

When your club is ready to create a competition then they can for a weekly charge of $7.50. if you find your members are loving the competition and not wanting to stop then this competition can be extended at any stage for the same weekly fee. If your club is new to PlayPoint then they can get a free three-week trial.

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How PlayPoint helped us

For years the Te Anau Tennis Club has been running weekly Social Tennis sessions. We found that at the start of the season these evenings were successful and we had lots of people turning up. After a few weeks the numbers started to dwindle and by the end of the season these evenings had stopped altogether. This had been happening for over 10 years. I thought there had to be a better way.

After talking to the players involved, I identified the following. Players that end up in a game against someone with a vastly differing skill level often have a bad experience. In fact, chances are none of the players in that game had a good time. It only takes 1 or 2 games like this for a player to lose interest and stop turning up. It was also identified that people did not like arriving not knowing what time they were going to get a game or if they were going to get a game at all. After taking all the feedback onboard PlayPloint was born. We used it last season and it revolutionised our Thursday Night Tennis.

Greg Sheppard - PlayPoint Founder and Te Anau Tennis Club (President)