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Our website is coming soon! We have been busy developing and testing to make sure we hit the ground running.
We are working hard to get ready for a 1st of October 2020 launch!

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About PlayPoint

PlayPoint is an online platform that assists clubs with organising regular competition or practise sessions. It keeps players wanting more by arranging them quality, competitive games.

PlayPoint is ideally suited to sports like Tennis, Squash, Badminton and any other sport that can incorporate a ladder system.

Here is an example of how PlayPoint could organise your Thursday Night Social Tennis Competition.

The Club creates a new Thursday night competition in their dashboard. During this process they specify that it will run every Thursday, is for all genders and will incorporate Men's Singles, Ladies Singles and Mixed Doubles. They also determine that play will start at 6pm, games will go for 50 minutes and there will be 3 timeslots (6pm, 7pm and 8pm). They set the registration cutoff time of 1pm each Thursday and pick which courts the competition will use.

The Players register by 1pm every Thursday. While registering each week the players select their preferred time slot, number of matches and style of game (ie. Singles, Mixed Doubles or both). At 1pm on Thursday, PlayPoint runs multiple algorithms to automatically create the best possible draw. The draw is instantly published online and the players receive an email that informs them of who they are playing, at what time and on what court. After the games are completed the players enter the results and the online ladder changes accordingly. The ladder is what the PlayPoint algorithm subsequently uses when creating the best possible draw. Players then register again next week if they can make it.


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